Monday, June 7, 2010

simple pleasures

"One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other"  ~ Emma Woodhouse

I've been without internet for a while, it's amazing the unsteadying effect that can have on one person. I felt like an aimless wanderer, walking around my house with no order or sense to what I was doing. Alas today I flip open my laptop and there are those beautiful five bars showing me completely connected to the internet, sigh, what a pleasure.

My bedroom is somewhat in shambles right now, my husband is building a sound booth in it (don't ask) and the whole room is in pieces. There are huge wooden planks everywhere, most of our stuff has be shoved in the closet and covering the floor; making barely any walkable space in the room. It is an utter disaster and has been for about two weeks now. There is one thing that is keeping me sane. When I open my door and try to mark my path as to how I will maneuver myself to get to the bed I look to my left and smile.  

As part of the redesign I had to change my bookshelves to ones that would work in the different space. I love organizing my books, sometimes I just sit and stare at them when I am bored. It is a simple yet wonderful pleasure of mine. Anyways I made a little display with all my Jane Austeny books and now every time I go into my room and want to pull my hair out with the mess of it all I look and see my beautifully arranged favourite books and feel a little better.

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