Thursday, January 6, 2011

Doggie Legwarmers

These are so adorable and really easy to make. In the picture Roger's legwarmers are all made the same size, but he didn't like the back legwarmers, I think they went up too high. I changed the pattern here to reflect that.

Are you ready for the easiest pattern ever?

Using Red Heart Kids Multi yarn in blue/green and
Size 5mm Needles (US 8)

Cast on 16

knit 38 rows in stockingnette stitch

(28 rows for back legs)

tie in loose ends

sew on velcro dots at the top, middle and bottom of the legwarmers

BOOM! Your done! So simple, quick and great to keep little doggies legs warm in winter.


  1. I am probably missing the obvious (am known for doing that), but what is the purpose of the velcro dots?

    My little Min Pin is terribly cold natured. I'm not sure if she'll keep them on or not, but I plan to knit her some of these. What a genious idea they are! I'm learning Magic Loop, so I think I'll try that method for them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Instead of knitting in the round, I knit these flat and then used velcro dots to attach, making the legwarmers a little easier to put on and take off. Roger is still an excitable puppy and I don't think he would sit still long enough to let me stretch them over each leg :)

    Have fun! and I'd love to hear how yours turn out.

  3. I am so making these for my little dog!