Monday, March 8, 2010

Fabric Glue, a magical thing

"Besides, I cannot help thinking that it is more natural to have flowers grow out of the head than fruit."
Jane Austen's letter to Cassandra (1799-06-11), on decorating her hat.

I had plans to make my brother a sweet toque this past christmas when I picked his name in our family draw. He likes all things medieval and so I was going to make him a toque that was a battle helmet with a beard attached at the bottom, very awesome. Unfortunately, I ran out of time and ended up buying him a sword instead.

So for his birthday, which was this past week, I planned to make him the helmet toque, but instead came across a cool sponge bob squarepants pattern!  He loves spongebob, possibly more than weapons and medieval stuff.

The toque was so simple to make. I found the pattern on ravelry (best website ever!) and followed a few other peoples suggestions for the modifications.

Most people made it as a normal round toque, strange right! He is square! That is like his whole 'thing'! I wanted to make my toque actually look like him, so obviously I made it square. The pattern had pom poms instead of shoes, I wasn't in love with thath, so I copied one person who just added stitches at the bottom of the long i-cord to make little shoes, really easy. Last dilemma was the face. The toques that had the face parts knitted on, looked weird. I didn't like it. Some people used felt pieces and it looked better but I didn't like the look of the stitches going around the felt pieces to hold them in place. There was one toque that did not have those markings and so I emailed the girl to ask how she made the pieces stick on without the stitches showing. She wrote me back and what she said rocked my world.

ENTER: Fabric glue.

Fabric glue is something I had never heard of. It is a magical thing.

It's a glue.

It dries flexible.

It can be washed over and over and still holds strong.

MAGIC!!! It was so easy to use and made my toque look just how I wanted.

Fabric glue, buy it, try it.

It will rock your world,

and that's a promise.

this is not my brother, just my official toque model.

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  1. 'Kay, I think that is the coolest/cutest toque ever, even though I'm not a S.B. fan! Well done!