Saturday, February 6, 2010

behaving naturally

"Oh, my goodness. Everybody behave naturally"
- Pride and Prejudice 2005 movie version

Do you remember that part? It's one of my favourites.

 Mr. Bingley comes back to town (to propose to Jane) and the ladies are all at home lounging around their messy sitting room. Then, they hear he is coming to the door and it's a mad rush to tidy up the room, hide the ribbons and pinch their cheeks. When he enters the room they are all sitting perfectly straight looking completely composed and employed in a very respectable task.

Sooo funny because it's so true to real life. I know that is how I react when people are coming over.

 I am always pinching my cheeks and hiding the ribbons.... :P

My brother just popped in on me while I was working on the spongebob hat I am making him for his birthday. I quickly found myself shoving it all between the couch pillows and then sitting infront of it, knitting needles poking into my back.

Despite all that, I believe, I behaved naturally.

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