Monday, December 21, 2009

it's about that time

Christmas is drawing closer and closer and it's time for me to make some tough decisions.

It's time to be realistic and cut out some of the knitting projects I planned to do. So sad I know, but that is always how it goes right? You make your plans, buy your yarn and then all of the sudden you have a 8-week full time job come up ontop of all of your housework and other Christmas preparations. C'est la vie.

So who to cut is the next question, upcoming birthdays come partly into the equation, the amount of work needed to be done is another determining factor.

My dear sweet entrelac scarf has been put on pause, as well as another entrelac scarf I had yet to start. I am focusing on the toques, they knit up relatively fast. Luckily my three brothers birthdays are in January, February and March, so whatever gets half finished I can give for a B-day present and have it still be given in the right season.

I am going to be going on the offensive though. If you ever see me I will have knitting needles in my hand. Whether it be in between stirs of boiling the pasta, or hiding in my car during my lunch hour. Any chance I have I will be click clacking away as fast as my fingers will let me.

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