Tuesday, July 6, 2010

cool beans

Ok, I have no Jane Austen spin to put on this post, no quote or movie scene to relate.

BUT if you have seen the movie Hot Rod you may remember the scene when Rod and his brother say 'cool beans' to each other over and over. It is hysterical and always makes me laugh really hard. Generally most things Andy Samberg do make me laugh, he is awesome...

anyways I finished my knuckies (fingerless knuckle gloves... but cool people call them knuckies) and in tribute to one of my favourite sayings, taken from Hot Rod, I have stitched 'cool beans' on the finger parts. I love them very much, they are perhaps one of my favourite things that I have ever knit. They are so sweet and awesome, I guess to sum them up in only two words I would have to say... they are...

Cool Beans!

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