Wednesday, January 13, 2010

M is for Monster

This past christmas I had big plans. Unique one of a kind personally knitted gifts was all I was going to give. I prepared extensively for my favourite yarn store's big sale. The store is amazing, but they only have two sales a year, and it is not a sale you take lightly. It requires much planning and organization, including multiple lists of planned projects, yarn required, colours wanted and needles needed. Then I usually look up a few projects I might want to try and figure the type of yarn I would need, in case there are some random impressive deals. Needless to say this November I stocked up heavily in preparation for my wondrous christmas gift giving plans.

I came home filled with the thrill of anticipation. I was most excited to make a monster head toque for one of my nephews, so I started with that. A simple toque knit in the round, with little teeth added on along the front side, googly eyes and ear flaps. (I love ear flaps)

A funny thing happened next, december hit and all of the sudden I was really busy.  Shocking, I know. Slowly my calendar started filling up with all sorts of random holiday festivities and before I knew it there were two weeks until christmas and I was being offered a 8-week full time job that I could not turn down.

The cutbacks began. Each project slowly dying off until all I was left with was the Monster toque.

That I could finish... and I did... and it was adorable!  

Lesson learned.

What am I knitting right now you ask?

A brimmed toque,....that I plan to give as a christmas present.....11 months from now.

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  1. wow - it turned out awesome! I am impressed!