Thursday, November 19, 2009

a great book

I realize I have been remiss in attending to my blogging duties. I am not setting a good track record for myself, but let me explain. I have been very busy for the last few weeks preparing for a huge event I am putting on. I have scarce had enough time to sleep let alone pick up my beloved knitting needles. I felt however that I must post something to keep the blog rolling...

I have decided to share with you an excellent book I read a couple months ago, I wonder if any of you have read it? The book is "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" and it is fabulous! The author blends within the orignal text and story of Pride and Prejudice an underlying story of zombie killing mayhem. Let me be the first to say I am not inclined to like Zombie- samurai-killing themed anything, books, movies I avoid them all, but this one I HAD to read. It actually wasn't so bad, at times a litte gruesome yet I was very entertained. Imagine the story of pride and prejudice with the occurance of killing zombies being a normal daily activity. The Bennet sisters are famed for their warrior skills, Lady Catherine is the greatest warrior in the country, Mr. Bingley is convinced Jane has been infected, doomed to become and zombie and that is how they convince him to leave Netherfield. Good, good, all good. I reccomend this book to everyone.

Since Jane Austen is the greatest author or all time, I suppose is should not be surprizing how many continuations, spin-off and retellings her books get. Though I was weary to try them at first I have found some INCREDIBLE, some sorely lacking and some great fun. This book I would throw into the great fun category.

Up next on my reading list: Mr. Darcy, Vampyre

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